Seeing so many explosions abroad, do you still think our security is a decoration?


Know about the net friend asked why many foreign cities subway security, and Beijing, Shanghai and other places, there are security checks, and this security does not seem strict...... So, what's the point of our security?

In fact, all of the domestic subway security role and significance of doubt, essentially reflects the existing security mechanism for some people questioned and puzzled.

This question and puzzle mainly come from two aspects:

1., the domestic subway security seems to go form, but also affect the trip, why not cancel?

2. why foreign cities do not have similar security mechanisms?

If you want to understand the problem, you must first understand what the Chinese subway security check is. That is - what is protected? What's the precaution?

What is the security guard?

Thanks to the strict control of dangerous goods, the purchase and the manufacture of explosives, launched such as Brussels, Madrid and Moscow metro bombings in the country, and the recent British Chester bombings is not easy.


Nearly 250 people were killed and more than 1000 injured when two bombings of the Madrid 3. 11 subway and the 7 London 7 bus bombings in london.

Here is a tragedy that many people may forget, but should never be forgotten: arson in Xiamen's "6. 7" bus

"6. 7" bus arson

On June 7, 2013, at 6:22 p. m., a passenger laden BRT bus in Xiamen was torched and burned when he was carrying gasoline. A total of 47 people were killed and 36 injured in the arson incident, of which 8 were candidates who took part in the college entrance examination that day.


Compared to the bus, the subway space is more closed, load more, rescue more complex, once someone set fire to the fire, the damage will be much larger than the bus arson. Because flammable liquids such as gasoline are easy to purchase and free from control, the inspection of flammable liquids is the main purpose of the domestic metro security inspection.



This is the direct role of the security inspection of the domestic subway, and its most important significance is to form a deterrent to potential criminal acts.

In the field of criminology, there is the term "crime cost", which refers to the estimation and self consideration of behavioral costs by potential criminals when committing crimes.

There are many ways to increase the cost of crime:

One can improve the security coefficient, such as women back, walk in the brightly lit, potential for sex offenders who commit the crime, then the cost is relatively high.

Another is to improve the moral criticism of crime. In 2004 Russian Beslan, there are several terrorist attacks targeting in that school, out of the gang attacks.


But it is urgent to reverse the chaotic public opinion and take time to protect people's public travel safety. It is an important and feasible method to improve the security factor of metro.

Although the domestic subway security has never explicitly indicated that it is aimed at potentially carrying a large number of flammable liquid vehicle criminal. But the X light over inspection and strict liquid inspection alone raise the cost of carrying flammable liquids on board. This has prompted a large gang of intent to "learn" the potential perpetrators of Chen's crime to discourage crime.

The balance between "convenience" and "safety"

Another reason why the domestic subway is relatively "casual" is also based on practical considerations.

More stringent security will naturally improve the safety factor of the subway, but it will increase the length of the security check. The city that owns the subway is a large domestic second tier city with a large number of people. Sooner or later, the peak is congested. If a comprehensive security check is carried out, it will inevitably cause great congestion and even impede traffic.


Therefore, comprehensive consideration, the domestic subway implementation of a more flexible security mechanism. That is, X light over package inspection, depending on the situation with other security means.

But for special periods, or other sensitive high-risk period, the X light over inspection, based on the increase of ID card inspection, physical examination and other means of security.


Why do not most foreign subway security?

Since this kind of subway security is so good, why do most foreign cities do not have similar security mechanisms?

In fact, compared with the domestic security social environment, Europe and the United States, the Metro has been security hit areas, from Madrid 3 - 11 bombings, London subway 7 - 7 bombings, to the Brussels subway bombings...... Do European and American countries want to improve the security factor of the subway?. However, some practical factors limit the promotion of subway security.

An important reason is the restriction of space environment.

In Europe and America, most of the subways were laid earlier. The New York Metro was built in early twentieth Century, and the London Underground was put into operation in the middle of nineteenth Century. At this stage, most of London's subway stations are built after World War ii. At that time in the construction process without considering the input of security equipment after May, so most of the subway station from the entrance to the pit gates very narrow space between.

Euston Station Metro Station in London, London is an important train station Euston station subway station every day to undertake a large number of passenger flow from Central England, so a railway transportation hub in the subway station, but only one of import and export, a manual automatic ticket gates, and turnstiles is crowded together.


Figure EUSTON subway station into the station, from left to right are the ticket machine / into the station gates and the station gates, as a train station subway station, the subway station EUSTON only one entrance.

Although some of London's post built subway stations have larger space, many old subway stations in the core area are too easy to attack and can not conduct security checks.

Besides, manpower, financial resources, cost and other factors also cause the European and American countries' subway stations to be unable to do the same as the domestic security check, so that everyone can check the package.

Although there is no similar domestic security mechanism, but Europe and the United States still spent a lot of effort on the subway security.

For example, all the garbage cans in the subway are made of transparent plastic, so as to see what is inside, and prevent people from throwing explosives into the garbage can. There are a large number of police officers in the subway station in the core area, and the police powers in Europe and America are far greater than in the country. They will not hesitate to shoot in case of unexpected situations.


Heavy loaded SWAT has become an important part of European and American national public transport security, these heavily built SWAT officers, to some extent, also play a deterrent crime role. Pictured in March 22nd this year, in the vicinity of The House of Parliament, killing 6 people killed in the "no difference" car collision attack, quick reading, deployed to the scene of London

In the invisible place, major countries in Europe and America, especially the United States and Britain, such as intelligence powers, but also similar to the "prism plan" such coverage throughout the country security monitoring network. Of course, if from the security point of view, these are not as good as domestic security way insurance.

The public transportation has the particularity, each country is making the best plan according to own national condition.


For those questioned by Metro security, some are complaining about the impact on travel, which is understandable, after all, security is not without cost. But the motives of others are debatable. We don't know. But the security of the people is thousands of times stronger than the voices of opposition.

Finally make a summary, if someone asked what is your Chinese cross track security sense, you just have to back a word: everyone can criticize the rail security, but no one can afford to cancel the security, possible consequences.

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