The way you are (16) - (17) and forward together aner 2017 annual meeting ceremony


Time flies, time shuttle. 2016 quietly past, we review the glory and harvest; 2017 already, we are full of fighting spirit and hope. The new year, with passion and challenge, for technology into security security industry development new chapter.

The afternoon of January 18, 2017, "the way you are (16) and (17) together before and aner 2017 annual meeting festival held in Gongming star hotel in Shenzhen, for all staff and leadership have a joyous gathering, gathering together.

Annual meeting, chairman Ann Seoul Tongluo made an important speech ebullience, put forward higher requirements for the 2017 development goals and for the deployment of this year, and the strategic target, under full aner concentration, passion Penghu worship listen Mister speech, for his heart a small target roll up your sleeves and go. The company will also highlight the performance of staff and outstanding team award, called on all staff to learn from them, learn their due diligence and hard work in their respective positions, in the new year to play an exemplary role, and make new contributions, and the award for excellent supplier,

The whole year will be wonderful, not only for everyone to bring laughter, but also to make each other's hearts closer to each other. The company leadership and staff family interaction, employees portrait interpretation, let singing, applause, cheers at the venue has been on the waves, showing a pro aner the family happy and harmonious.



 Anerluo Mr Chairman


The outstanding staff and outstanding team. 


Company annual meeting photos



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