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Product description:

The signal frequency: (optional)

The working voltage: AC220V

The power: 20W-50W

The special material and structure

The electromagnetic scanning digital processing program

The highest sensitivity can detect the size of the metal clip (ratings)

The alarm horn and visible light display

Anti interference measures of the composite circuit, effectively prevent the misoperation

The intelligent alarm counters, the accurate calculation of the number of alarm

The two or more metal detector can work at the same time

The sensitivity of free choice

It does no harm to magnetic material (disk, tape, credit cards, etc.)

The all of parameters in the number of programmable preset, to meet the various needs of users.

The high integration of electronic device, to prevent outsiders to change parameters

The sensitivity of the all metal detectors have very high

The automatic, self diagnosis, without the need for initial or periodic calibration and debugging

The overlapping sensing device, eliminating the traditional detection door often have a blind spot

The quick reduction design, fully guarantee the safety and traffic needs

Technical parameters:

External power supply: 90V 250V 50/60Hz power consumption: 35W

Working environment: -20 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius shipping weight: about 95kg

Working frequency: according to the installation environment to adjust the machine weight: About 90kg

Dimension: (mm) 2220 (high) x 820 (W) x 500 (deep)

Channel size: (mm) 2000 (high) x 700 (W) x 500 (deep)

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