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Product description:

1, into 6 overlapping meshy exploration area according to the basic structure of division. Using the most advanced digital pulse transmitting and receiving technology, interactive, accurate determination of the location of the metal objects.

2, double shot of the infrared scanning, quickly capturing the induction signal, eliminate body through the induction lag caused by detecting errors, and automatically by the number of statistics.

3, the 6 detection region has 100 sensitive procedures, according to the actual use of pre-set metal items may be part of the volume and the weight, size and proper adjustment of sensitivity, the highest sensitivity can detect a size of the metal clip, remove belt buckle, key, jewelry, coins and other items of false positives can be to detect the knives and guns.

4, high brightness digital dashboard and alarm panel, display, alarm and warning number of alarm through the number, strength.

5, according to the degree of disturbance around the different installation environment, using the world's most advanced electromagnetic compatibility technology, digital filtering through the 100 level of DSP, the formation of strong anti electromagnetic interference ability.

6, set the signal frequency grid connected installation many sets of detector to work together and do not interfere with each other.

7, can be connected with computer communication interface for the monitoring and statistical detection.

8, have a wide selection of sound and light alarm, easy to identify.

9, the use of parameters can be modified, added password protection.

10, wear pacemakers, pregnant women, floppy disks, video tapes and other sound.

11, with all international safety standards for the current environment.

Two: technical standards:

Refer to the EN60950 electrical safety standards.

Radiation according to EN50081-1 standards.

Anti interference according to EN50082-1 standards.

Strict implementation of existing national standards through the metal detector.

Three: technical parameters:

External power supply: 215V - 230V 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 35W

Working environment: -20 C and 45 C

Transport the whole weight: about 95kg

Working frequency: according to automatically adjust the installation environment

Machine weight: About 90kg

Dimension: (mm) 2220 (high) x 800 (W) x 500 (deep)

Channel size: (mm) 2000 (high) x 700 (W) x 500 (deep)

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