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Product description:

A: the function introduction

1, waterproof design, can be in the open air (rain) work, don't need shelter.

2, six location: products are divided into six zones, suspicious objects can be displayed in each of the regions accurately.

3, the number of Statistics: the number and the number of the alarm can be detected, 100 people 100 people, not more or less.

4, shock proof design: standing in the door in the middle, on both sides of the door by hand to shoot, the door should not be false

5, the sensitivity adjustment: the sensitivity can be adjusted according to the need, there are one hundred levels of sensitivity.

6, the door body material: the appearance of the use of paint PVC, is on the edge of aluminum alloy pillar, waterproof, fireproof, anti-collision, won't scratch.

7, parameters can be password protected, so that unauthorized personnel to operate.

8, according to a variety of environmental electromagnetic interference, the system adopts the world advanced electromagnetic compatibility design, and the use of DSP

The sampling signal processor of contraband correlation operation and filter, so that the complete set of equipment with strong electromagnetic interference ability.

9, set the number of group work frequency, the multiple device adjacent work side by side, do not interfere with each other.

10, wear pacemakers, pregnant women, magnetic media such as harmless.

Three: technical parameters:

External power supply: 215V - 50/60Hz - 230V

- Power: 35W

L working environment: -20 C and 45 C

Total weight: about 95kg - Transport

L working frequency according to the installation environment: self adjustment

- weight: About 90kg

- dimension: (mm) 2220 (high) x 820 (W) X500 (deep)

- channel dimensions: (mm) 2000 (high) x 700 (W) x 500 (deep)

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