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Product description:

Product Name: ANT-1000 type intelligent antenna RF detection

High sensitivity, low false alarm rate

Anti - metal cart, hand interference

- advanced MCU chip for data processing to improve the detection speed label

The new technology of digital filtering technology, AGC application is a combination of software and hardware of the automatic control technology and Adaptive Anti-jamming etc.

- debugging technology

- more convenient installation, debugging, use the

- personalized appearance, unique and novel

The scope of application:

Applicable to all kinds of supermarkets, shopping malls, department stores, shopping malls, stores, clothing stores, brand stores and other retail establishments.

Technical parameters:

Scanning the center frequency 8.2MHz-10.5MHz optional

The scanning rate of 180MHz + 1Hz

Scanning width 7.7MHz~8.7MHz

The detection area is more than or equal to 95.5%

Luxury stainless steel base material, special

The weight of 15.5Kg (transmit and receive antenna)

Dimension 1650*400*85mm

The maximum detection distance: 1.1 meters (a soft label) -- 1.4 meters (hard label)

Product Name: ANT-2000 intelligent digital RF antenna

With MCU radio signal processing technology, combined with the adaptive digital filter and dynamic noise reduction technology, greatly improve the reliability of the system, reduce the rate of false positives. According to the different environment, using a variety of installation can be composed of different width of the channels, such as: the overall protection, path protection, people, goods distribution and other forms to meet the needs of supermarkets, department stores, clothing, sporting goods stores, book stores.

The appearance is concise and reliable performance, good adaptability to the scene;

The digital adaptive filter and dynamic noise suppression technique;

The automatic gain control technology;

The internal switching modulation signals;

The high sensitivity, fast response speed, strong anti-interference ability, low rate of false positives and false negatives;

The maximum detection distance: 1.2 meters portal (tag) - 1.5 meters (hard label)


Product Name: DT3100 Deluxe digital decoder (special shopping mall)

DT3100 decoder using industrial grade design; can efficiently and quickly make soft label achieve non-contact decoding failure. Using an external power supply, power supply and decoding host separation, exquisite; the aviation plug mounting easier.

The 16 frequency design;

The decode frequency range: 7.4 ~ 9 MHz;

The decoding height: Hmin = 18 cm Hmax = 40 cm;

The decoding rate: S =120 / min;

Double channel output (with two decoding bit);

- can be used with the POS machine.


Product Name: 8.2 MHz RF soft labels we can provide a variety of electronic label. The soft label on a variety of goods to be protected (except on metal objects), avoid the stolen goods, such as with electronic tag items without the check-out, without decoding, after installed anti-theft antenna good will trigger the alarm.

Provide: Belgium, Japan, China and other soft label

8.2 MHz RF soft label specifications:

Product number size

RT-2000 3*3cm

RT-3000 3*4cm

RT-4000 4*4cm

RT-5000 5*5cm

Product Name: 8.2 MHz hard tags

The hard tag attached to avoid stolen goods on a variety of goods to be protected, as against the hard tag items without the cashier, cashier removed without hard tags, when after installed anti-theft antenna good will trigger the alarm.

Electronic security hard tags we can provide a variety of small sign, sign: generous, bottle buckle, CD buckle protective box, milk powder, cigarette boxes and other hard label protection.

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