Double view baggage security check machine 10080 DB


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The K10080DB baggage scanner, designed for mid-size Baggage and Small Cargo, dual x-ray generators and monitor, with a 1000×800 tunnel opening which is an ideal solution for inspection and scanning of all types of small and mid-size parcels. It is best for use in cargo, custom, ships, warehouses.


Tunnel Size: 1000mm (W) x 800mm (H)

Conveyor Speed: 0.2m/s

Conveyor Capacity: 200 kg

Wire Resolution: Φ0.078 mm core wire

Steel Penetration : 40 mm

Film Safety: ISO1600 Film

X-ray Leakage:<0.1 μGy/h


Beam Direction: Top, Side 80 Degree

Tube Current: 0.4~1.2mA (Adjustable)

Tube Voltage: 100--160 KV (Adjustable)

Cooling/Duty Cycle: Sealed Di-Electric Oil Bath with Forced Air / 100%, No Warm-Up Procedure Required


Ray Sensor: L-Shaped Array, 24 bit depth

Image Display: Philips 17″ High Resolution Color LCD

Image Processing: Real-Time 24bit Processing

Edge Enhancement: Make the Edge of the Object Clearer

Super Image Enhancement: Enhance the Detail of the Image

High Penetration Display: Brightening the Contrast of the Bright Area to make the Difficult Penetration Area Clearer

Low Penetration Display: Darkening the Contrast of the Dark Area to Make the Difficult Penetration Area Clearer

Magnifier: Continuous Zoom up Observation

Brightening/Darkening: Brightening/Darkening the Brightness of the Image

Image Pull Back/ Pull Forward: 20 Images Pull Forward and Back Processing

Image Returning: Original Image can be Restored.

Image Storage: Real-Time Images Storage and Processing.

Multi Color Display : Orange for Organic, Blue for Inorganic, Green for Mixture

High Energy / Low Energy: Display key

Dangerous Goods Aided Detection: Aided Detect Typical Dangerous Goods Like Drugs, Explosives...

Alarm: When alarm is triggered, strobe lights should come on and alarm sounds should go off.


Operating Temperature/ Humidity 0℃45℃20%95% (Non-Condensing)

Storage Temperature/ Humidity -20℃60℃20%95% (Non-Condensing)

Operating Voltage 220Vac 50±3HZ

Power Consumption 2.0 kW (max)

System Noise<55 dB

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