Aner: channel type X light screening machine to do on mobile phone


Subway security checks, large parcels must be seized, do not look at security personnel, some careless, in fact, they are not afraid of dangerous goods slip away from their eyes. Because the subway security channel X ray machine can see everything. In 2013 Beijing security exhibition, sponsored by all the security equipment for security, the greatest volume of this security machine.

Channel type X light security checking machine

Channel type X light screening machine aner launched, can be divided according to the different with the thickness of the object. Since iPhone5 is slightly thinner than other mobile phones, the phone seems to have taken a X - ray photo when it opens the low limit scan, and the inside structure is clearly visible. The following is a pictorial illustration:

The most right is iPhone5 X light"

About 2013 Beijing Security Exhibition

2012 Beijing Expo - 2013, the tenth Beijing international public safety products exhibition was held at -20 International Exhibition Center (old hall) on July 18, 2013! The exhibition showcases content of video monitoring and prevention system, emergency command system, community security system, building automation and intelligent system, access control, entrance control system, security alarm equipment, video conferencing, public broadcasting, chassis, cabinet, electric wire, cable, large screen, and emergency escape equipment, electronic tag technology products LED, electronic display, information security products, vehicle anti-theft alarm system, anti-theft door, lock, cabinet, civilian consumer security products, human body safety protection equipment, lightning protection products, RFID systems and solutions, police vehicles, product technology and application of the Internet of things and other social public security products.

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