What are the best-selling imported security gates and imported security inspection machines?


In the security market, in addition to the domestic X ray machine and domestic security doors, most of the consumer market has been well-known brands and high prices of imported metal detection door and imported X optical machinery monopoly. The main reason for this is because the quality of imported products is reliable and the quality of products is better!

Following on from the Simai Ao security doors imported and imported machine vendors will for you on this topic.

Although sold on the market of security doors and X - brand image has been printed on the Chinese people's mind, but elaborate up these popular security doors imported and imported X machine is not the same brand. Take the security gate as an example, in our country really best-selling import security door, when it is said that Italy's CEIA brand. The import security doors of this brand have occupied most of the market share of our civil aviation demand market. The second is the United States is Matt Rick, English METOR. In the third place is the American GARRETT (Garrett). But when it comes to the CEIA brand, it's not all of his model's security gates that sell well. At present, the main model of CEIA brand which is used in our airport is HI-PE and SMD600 two kinds. And METOR Finland brand import security door, mainly METOR150 and METOR200HS two models in the majority, and now has not sold, and new products for METO6S and METOR6M. And Garrett brand import security doors mainly to PD6500I and CS5000 based, mainly sold in factories, large-scale events, security occasions.

Speaking of domestic best-selling imported X ray machine, of course, several German Hayman. Airports used to be almost all used in Germany, SMITHS, Hayman. This imported brand of X light machine with its excellent quality has won the favor of our airport users, but later can not enter the domestic market, and now there is no supply. Followed by the United States RAPISCAN, and its products are very good, but the price is more expensive, so sales will be subject to some restrictions. In China is the best selling American Astrophysics astrophysicsinc, they are the main channel type X machine more than a dozen models of different sizes, mainly involving postal, airport, customs and other fields, and the price is affordable.

At present, our security door has imported more success stories in large factories, courts and other institutions, large-scale activities and other types of security sites, made outstanding achievements in recent years, our products are well appraised by customers.

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