Express security security check machine "check"


According to reports, Beijing express enterprises from March 1st onwards in the class of courier delivery link to observe the inspection and seal system. Reporters learned yesterday, the province some of the courier company has been implemented on the aviation inspection seal system, and there has been a courier enterprise to buy "security machine", will soon be put into use.

Hefei, a courier company official said, consumers take the initiative to express delivery to the company, are all out of the box inspection, but the courier home to collect, it is generally difficult to do all the inspection. This reporter has learned that some of our province's express delivery enterprises to air express inspection seal system, the parcel in accordance with the requirements of the courier stamped "has been examined as" chapter.

Anhui province express industry association yuan secretary general introduction, at present, our province to express parcel security check, mainly to the first "test" view, but not stamped with the requirements of the examination chapter rigid. "Some couriers in the home to collect, in order to hurry or not offend customers, there is no" inspection "behavior." Yuan Secretary General admits that it is difficult to achieve a 100% inspection rate.

Then, how to check the safety of parcels? Reporters learned from a courier company in Hefei, they have purchased a large security machine, couriers take delivery of parcels, must pass security machine, verified that there is no contraband items, in order to contract out.

For example, singles day, before and after Christmas, the daily express volume is 3 times the usual. Salesman face such a large amount of business, it is difficult to observe in accordance with the provisions of the parcel one by one, it is inevitable to appear false seal behavior." The courier company believes that the security function effectively detect contraband, to intercept

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