Winter to security gate timely assistance


In recent days, China has ushered in the strongest annual cooling, the Northeast average cooling of ten degrees, the mainland's southernmost Guangzhou also dropped by 5~7 degrees. The sudden cold wave has made the public unable to adapt, and their work and life have also been greatly affected. But life has to go on and classes have to be taken.

Yesterday, Xinmin news, Hebei province people's Court of Xingtai because the weather is too cold, in order to avoid the defendant and other people outside the court in security and wait too long, has increased more than two sets of security doors and hand-held metal detectors, to accelerate the screening rate. Their clever move has awakened users of security equipment. It also gives inspiration to the harmony between China and singapore. To resist the cold, not only to add clothing and cashmere, trying to reduce the time outside, in order to more effectively compete with the cold winter.

Into the cold winter season, we can not choose to hibernate as animals, in order not to affect the normal work life, can only work hard to work against the cold wind. But some chill time is no need to waste, such as the station in the waiting queue, waiting at the gate of the factory security security work. Under the cold winter, the long queue is tired of this kind of waiting, but it has to wait. Don't wait to do only? Of course not. It's easy to change the situation of waiting for the wind. Security equipment that the court added to reduce queuing through security and worth drawing in cold case personnel.

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