X - "piercing eye" found a large number of lithium batteries to prevent disaster


X - "piercing eye" found a large number of lithium batteries to prevent disaster

According to the China Airlines Travel Network reports: Recently, the Xinjiang branch of China Southern Airlines cargo security station in a wholesale goods to Kashi, found 1476 lithium-ion battery, since this is the standards for air transport of lithium battery shipments since Xinjiang branch Cargo Department security station found the largest batch of lithium battery.

The 16 day, it is compared with the peak period of shipment, screeners a batch of goods through the X machine security check, then the image display has a large number of mobile phone and lithium battery, causing a high degree of vigilance screeners, until the goods are checked, dealt with a total of 17 bags 1476 Lithium-Ion battery, weighing 449 kg, screeners in accordance with the relevant processes to inform the shipper, and promptly report to the airport police station and safety supervision bureau.

It is understood that the investigation of the 1476 lithium batteries, and lithium battery is the largest bulk cargo air transport specification since a timely investigation, eliminate the hidden danger of security occurred. Due to the fact that the anode and cathode of the lithium battery is a polymer film which can only pass through the metal lithium ion, the strength of the polymer film is very low. Air transport, air current, easy to produce turbulence, it may damage the film collision between goods, causing the battery short circuit, short time release a lot of heat, causing the combustion or explosion, seriously affect the safety of air transport. Air transport lithium batteries need to be declared accurately, and submit UN38.3 test report, and 1.2 meters drop test report and other related documents.

The lithium battery is essential to life activities, but in the process of air cargo shipping will require strict procedures, China Southern Airlines Xinjiang freight cargo inspection personnel with professional technology and high responsibility, not a threat to aviation safety, always guarding aviation safety.

Here, as a senior security equipment, research experts in harmony, but also to remind you, do not ignore the X light baggage inspection capabilities. And suggest that we strengthen the security of the relevant knowledge, for their own, but also for everyone's personal safety.

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