Station "double section" security check word


See in the security at the Yinhu Bus Station in Shenzhen, seven or eight cars in passenger vehicles are queuing up to security. A security officer with a flashlight and a hammer in checking the ditch, chassis, carefully check the vehicle braking system. Another security inspector was on board to check the lights, fire extinguishers and other safety features. The two screeners checked around the car carefully and missed any link. A series of inspections were completed before the vehicle was released. Yinhu Bus Station responsible person told the reporter, during the eleven annual Golden Week is a passenger vehicle running vehicle peak, high strength, multi batch operation, prone to fatigue, if not timely maintenance, the hidden trouble of safety. In order to ensure the safety of passenger traffic safety, the station will carry out strict inspection and repair of all types of vehicles in the station within half a month in advance, and the unqualified vehicles will not be allowed to run on the road.

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