What is a portable X ray machine?


Portable X machine consists of one machine and split machine two; one captain usually at 50-70CM, the machine is equipped with a portable design, when working in the plane, the machine ends respectively launch and acceptance of X ray image intensifier, observation after treatment by a built-in machine. For some high-end digital portable X light machines, AV video output or USB output can be connected to computer processing or printer printing. Such a machine when not in use can be used special suitcase to carry; another kind of split machine for industrial testing industry (industrial detection X machine), put the device in a horizontal plane around both ends or special working platform on which products were detected, compared with one slightly larger volume.

Main features:

1, the image output is clear: high frequency, low dose, high-definition digital image output

2, image imaging adjustment: can adjust the image quality according to the thickness of the perspective object

3. New imaging technology: new imaging technology and built in high voltage generator

4, focus high precision: focus: 0.05mm

5, strong imaging: can penetrate the metal surface, to see the size of the internal object, shape, quantity

6, convenient transportation: convenient structure

Correlation parameter:

1, resolution: 36Ip/cm;

2, output screen brightness: 6cd/cm;

3 、 tube voltage: 60-75kv;

4, tube target flow: 0.15-0.3mA;

5: contrast: 4%;

6, gray: 7;

7, leakage ray: <5mR/h;

8 、 host weight: 5kg;

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