Where can I get a security gate?


The gate also called metal detector, is used for safety testing equipment enterprises, government departments, stations and airports, is used to detect the person or parcel is entrained metal objects is an important equipment of many units need to purchase, then the security door where to buy?

Many people habitually go to Taobao to find, but you know, this device is not well purchased in Taobao, because it requires professional technical support and installation, as well as after-sale maintenance. This needs to find the real security door manufacturers, both to ensure the price of affordable, but also enjoy the perfect service and reliable protection.

Shenzhen city science and technology limited company for professional production of various types of security doors, and the exclusive agent of three imported brand security doors, complete product line to meet the needs of customers to the industry. Such as precious metals enterprises, courts, airports, various exhibitions, exhibitions and other places. Simai Ao series products are exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, ASEAN and other more than 30 countries and regions around the world, occupying 23% of the global security market. Is the security industry thriving, at the top under the watchful eyes of the people. Simai Ao brand registered in Malaysia in 2001, is English "SMILE" in English transliteration, his intention is to make safety to everyone around the world, let the world is full of smile! The main products of the company have developed metal detection equipment development experience of nearly twenty years, theoretical attainments and rich manufacturing experience in design and manufacture of metal detection equipment, the existing products are used by the world advanced technology developed carefully, well-designed products, sophisticated materials, fine workmanship, excellent performance, has high sensitivity and strong anti-interference ability, stable performance characteristics. The company strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 international quality standard system requirements, manufacturing from product development design, production to sales and service customer service process, has established a set of strict quality management and guarantee system, and take effective measures to protect the market, which may affect all aspects of product quality, working quality and service quality are under strict control, ensure to provide the best quality products and the most perfect service for each user.

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