How do security guards show their strength in security checks?


The thing is, for some illegal personnel of this secret they prohibited products transportation, and at this time the security staff we are unaware of the wire, but these illegal difficult to escape with security personnel in our investigation or, ultimately they target exposure, they do not have a plot that is our security personnel caught, we will continue to carry forward this quality.

Jingtai Expressway Shandong, Hebei two provinces at the junction of Dezhou City, Hebei public security checkpoints, along with the Shandong Public Security Bureau deputy director Ren Xuezeng a directive, the public security organs in Shandong province started to strengthen the "Beijing moat", "loop control circle" public security inspection service work officially in full swing.

Beijing high-speed Hebei public security checkpoints is divided into two regions, West into the office area and living area and inspection area, eastern area is mainly to check, the station is equipped with traffic, information, protection, weapons and police equipment, security inspection, inspection and forensics such as high standards of police equipment, four a police vehicle neatly arranged, in addition to specialized X optical inspection instrument and drug testing instrument, explosion-proof blankets, explosion-proof tank tests, explosion-proof equipment Goods are available in all varieties.

In this way, the criminals were caught by our security officers, who tried their best to escape from our law enforcement officers.

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